Hi! I'm Tiffany.

  First of all, welcome!!! I'm so glad to have you here and share my passion of Macramé with you!
  My name is Tiffany, the owner of Rose Moon Macramé. I'm a 31 year old mama who loves pursuing what I love.

  It all started when I was around 13 and started a little bracelet business. Selling gemstone bracelets to family members, friends, and even at craft fairs. I called it "Tiffany's Designs" and my mom even created a logo and business cards for me. 😆🥰 I've always had a passion to make things, to be creative, and to run my own business. Fast forward to three years ago when I dived into Macramé and using fibers! At first, I started it as a hobby to make gifts for friends and family. Then it slowly turned into a full blown business from the continuous requests I got from you all. 🤗😊
  I love to be able to be creative and pour that creativity into this business. I also love to share this passion with others, which is why I host in person workshops as well as offer monthly DIY boxes. I absolutely love working with my hands and if you've taken any of my Macramé workshops, you've heard me talk about how meditative it can be. It truly clears the mind of knots as you create knots with your hands. 🧘‍♀️ It may be the yoga teacher in me trying to stay present in everything I do but I truly believe tapping into your creativity and working with your hands is so good for the mind.

  My promise to you all is... I will always be intentional in my art. Through choosing the best quality and eco-conscious products, sourcing from small businesses, making sure my energy is in the right place when I create, cleansing my workspace every time, and creating from the heart. 💓 When you buy a fiber piece from me, feel confident that I poured my heart and soul into it. 🤗