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Disco Ball Planter with Macrame Plant Hanger

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✨️Disco Ball Planters with Macramé hanger! 

These are handmade by me. It is a glass fishbowl where I've added mirror tiles individually. These are imperfectly perfectly made. 🥰☺️

These will add so much fun lighting into any space! I recommend hanging near a window so the light catches it just right! 

Easily slip one of your plants still in their nursery pot right into it. You can water into it since it's a glass bowl as well just know there isn't drainage. 🪴

Comes with a medium sized cotton plant hanger. Made with 100% recycled cotton from the garment industry. Dye free! ♻️

Pot is 5 inches tall, 6 Inches wide. Will fit a 4 inch pot.